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There’s no escaping Covid-19, even if you’re self-isolating. Wherever you look online, on the TV, in your local shop - there will be reports of more deaths. However, the thing the news are not reporting is the number of survivors. For those who are fit and healthy, it’s just a case of waiting it out. But passing it on to those who are more vulnerable, it could be fatal. Other than health, the only other thing Coronavirus is affecting is the economy.


Certain sectors are thriving - supermarkets are being cleared out daily with people panic-buying and stocking up on “essentials”. The big corporate companies (who dodge taxes) are making a fortune out of this outbreak. However, small, independent businesses like us, are not. This post is a plea. Support your local businesses. Instead of going to Tesco’s, go to your corner shop. They will probably have more in stock anyway! Like and share a small businesses social media post. The big companies don’t care when someone does this, but I can guarantee you that the people behind the small companies will be checking their stats constantly to see if their hard work is paying off.


As you probably know by now, Richard Haward’s Oysters have been cultivating the wonderful molluscs for over 300 years, and we are now into generation number 8. Before February, we were growing, thriving and making big inroads in an historic industry. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, we have suffered. As have many other small businesses. We’re the ones who are at risk. These are scary and uncertain times, but we don’t want to feel down and out about a situation we have no control over.

Tom Haward. Shucking oysters. Mail order oysters. Mersea Oysters.

What we do have control over is our product. We always take the utmost care with our oysters and clams, providing the best of the best. We sell to some of the top restaurants in the country, backing up our claims. Our small team at Borough Market are diligent, polite, hard working and friendly - they will always help whoever they can. The Mersea Island team are the same, they will put a lot of hard graft into ensuring your oysters are delivered on time and they will look after the oyster beds.


Richard Haward’s Oysters is a family run business and we appreciate every single one of our customers. At the moment, the world is a difficult place to live in. We’re being told to not go out unless it is necessary. But where does that leave us? Our mail order side of the business has been growing steadily, but in this time of strife and trouble, we want to give you more of an incentive to shop with us. We’re making our next day delivery just £5 and giving you an extra 10% off everything on the website too. Our couriers are running as normal and if you are self-isolating but want to treat yourself, just put it in the delivery note so your driver knows not to come into direct contact with you.

Mail order oysters. Mersea Oysters.

Please support as many independent businesses as you can during this time. I know that I can speak for every single business owner, when I say it means the world to us when you spend your hard earned money on our product.


Thank you for reading and happy shopping!

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