Partners in Brine

The love of the sea and the love of the local community runs deep in the Haward family blood, and this is reflected in the businesses they run together.

Richard's wife Heather opened The Company Shed on Mersea Island, Essex in the 1980's, and it has since become a seafood lover's delight with its no nonsense, simple approach to the fruit of the sea. Famous for its rustic charm, The Company Shed has been featured in numerous television programmes, magazine articles, and newspaper reviews, praising its authenticity. Now run by Richard and Heather's daughter, Caroline, The Company Shed remains firmly rooted within the Haward family.

Heather's ethos and approach has always been to "keep it simple," and her restaurant, Mehalah's, in East Mersea, continues in that simple desire she first found when opening The Company Shed. 

Mehalah's is a homely, rustic, retro place to eat good food in intimate surroundings. At Mehalah's Heather keeps the food as simple as she can, allowing the fresh flavours of the wonderful seafood, fish, game, and meat to take centre stage. Booking is advised as this cosy, food haven has become very popular, its charm and great food drawing people, with regularity, from everywhere.