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Oyster's Song

A poem by Joe Haward on the Haward family's oyster fishing legacy.
Oyster's Song
The world begins to wake
Night's grip easing to light's touch.
The stars take shelter behind morning's entrance
Dawn's chorus the song of the sun's triumphal arrival.
The fog blurs horizon's longing
Nature refusing to disclose her secrets.
The sea waves beneath the opaque mantle
Its greeting hidden from curious eyes.
The tide's endless activity stirs weathered faces
Mirrored surfaces distort.
Ripples of activity reaching like a lover's touch
A familiar vessel seeking Poseidon's treasure.
The glint and chime of metal
Water stirred by worker's hands. 
The ocean's secrets giving way to inquiring minds
The air alive in anticipation.
Jagged shells emerge from darkened depths
Colour and smell singing to seafarer's senses.
Time and history meet in this place
Generations joined in shadowed steps.
The hum of the past echoes out
A symphony of gratitude reverberating all around.
Tide and light retreat
Nature's dance inviting rest until we meet again.

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