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Our story cultivating oysters is nearly 300 years old . . .

Tom Haward grading oysters to sell. Buy UK oysters online.

Tom Haward

One of Richard's three son's, Tom runs the waterfront operation, from grading the catch through to delivery, and is proud of his nickname "8th Gen!"

Richard Haward catching UK oysters to sell. Buy UK oysters online.

Richard Haward

The sea is to Richard what air is to the rest of us, and his passion and knowledge of oysters stems from a deep pride in his own family trade and history.

Since the 1700's the Haward Family have been cultivating oysters in and around the creeks of Mersea Island, Essex. These oysters, from the River Blackwater, are some of the finest in the world, with the Colchester Native Oyster receiving the Slow Food Presidia status. From the world famous Company Shed, and Borough Market, across the UK, Dubai, and China, our oysters are sold, eaten, and enjoyed around the world.

William (5th Generation and Edwin (6th Generation)

We believe that the core to cultivating oysters continues to be about respecting nature and honouring the history of this unique industry.

From William Haward Snr in the 18th Century, to the oyster that will sit on your plate, our history and where we have come from matters as much as where we are going, and we hope this comes across in the quality of the oyster that you will eat.

We are a small business producing a remarkable oyster.