Private Functions

Enjoying oysters at your wedding, event, or party, always adds a unique and popular twist in the eyes of your guests. We have been providing oysters and the shuckers at many events across the country and it is always a huge success.

We turn up, set up, and not only provide the tasty mollusc but are able to inform and educate guests about the watery heritage that we have. We've found many times that the actual opening of our oysters at an event is entertainment too. Our history is unique, our oysters are delicious, and we believe you will enjoy every moment.
If you would like to book a unique oyster event with Richard's sons Joe or Tom, with our oysters, a talk using old family photos, Q+A, and unique insight into our 8 generations of oyster farming, then click here and fill in an enquiry form, or 
email to enquire about availability and prices.