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Richard Haward's Oysters

at Borough Market

Richard Haward's Oysters at Borough Market. Buy freshest UK oysters here or online.

Borough Market is situated in Southwark, near London Bridge, and is a bustling hub of foodie delights. We orginally began selling our Mersea oysters at the market in the early 2000's, and saw the city's love for our oysters grow.

Recently we acquired a permanent stand on Stoney Street, enabling us to expand our trade, giving us the ability to store more oysters and provide a place for people to sit and slurp our delicious mollusc.

We are also licenced, so come and enjoy a chilled glass of wine to accompany your oysters. See below for our opening times, and then come and visit us! We're looking forward to seeing you.

Banner of Borough Market where Richard Haward's Oysters have a stall. Here we sell freshest UK oysters or buy online.

Order your oysters online today and collect them from our stand at Borough Market or have them delivered straight to your door.

Our award winning oysters are grown and caught in the creeks surrounding Mersea Island in Essex by Richard Haward, seventh generation oysterman, and his son Tom, who is eighth generation. These oysters grow in the River Blackwater, providing all the nutrients they need, giving them their wonderful taste, and enabling us to produce the highest quality oysters.

Large Rock Oyster

Medium Rock Oyster

Small Rock Oyster

Large Rock Oyster

Closed: £1.80
Hinged: £2.50
Open: £3.00

Medium Rock Oyster

Closed: £1.20
Hinged: £1.50
Open: £2.00

Medium rock oyster. Mersea oysters

Small Rock Oyster

Closed: £1.00
Hinged: £1.20
Open: £1.60

Opening Times

Sunday: 10am — 4pm

Tuesday - Friday: 10am — 5pm

Saturday: 9am — 5pm

Monday: CLOSED