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Meet The Team at Richard Haward's Oysters
Mersea Island

Tom Haward


Tom is eighth generation oysterman and one of the directors of Richard Haward’s Oysters. Tom is the operations manager.


Gemma is our social media manager and she also works on the waterfront.


Adam has worked for Richard Haward’s Oysters for over five years and shore-side is Tom’s number 2.


Ashley works in our packing plant and often gets roped into helping Gemma create social media content.


Josh works both shoreside and on the dredging boat for Richard Haward’s Oysters. As well as this, Josh is a budding musician and he is one half of ‘The Wilswood Buoys’.


Corinne has worked for the business for many years and as well as working shoreside, she also handles our customer’s accounts and invoices.


Blackie is an absolute legend on the waterfront. At 84 he’s as strong as an ox and puts a lot of young lads to shame!


Paul works at 'wolfies' and helps to process the oysters.

Richard Haward's Oysters. Mersea Island