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Something to smile about.

Quick and easy recipes for every oyster lover.

You can eat oysters raw, straight out the shell. Delicious!

Want to know how to shuck an oyster?

Add a topping, like blue cheese,and grill. Be creative!

On Its Own

Yup. Simply open the shell, eat the meat, and enjoy those pure flavours that make our oysters so delicious.

Shallot Vinegar

Shuck the oyster open and drizzle a little of our shallot vinegar dressing over them for a beautiful punchy taste.

Oysters and Chorizo Butter

Fry cut up chorizo in butter. Once cooked, add a diced shallot, then add to a food processor with a block of butter. Spoon over raw oysters.Grill until golden brown and the butter bubbles.

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