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      1. How long will my oysters last? Rock oysters have a 7 day shelf life and native oysters have a 5 day shelf life.  
      2. Can I order the oysters to arrive pre-shucked? Unfortunately not. Legally, our oysters must be shipped alive. Oysters must also be consumed within 60 minutes of being shucked.
      3. Where do you deliver in the UK? We are pleased to offer delivery nationwide.
      4. What days do you deliver? We deliver on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. You need to order by 10am the previous day to qualify for next day delivery. However, if you live in London and are able to, you can collect from Borough Market 7 days a week which is also free. Deliveries will arrive by 4pm on your delivery date.
      5. I’ve never shucked oysters before. Is it difficult to learn? It’s not easy, nor is it difficult. It requires patience, a tea-towel and a good shucking knife! There is a tutorial video on our website that you can view here. 
      6. Do you have a minimum spend? Yes, we have a minimum spend of £12.00 for home delivery. There is no minimum spend for collection from Borough Market or Mersea Island. 
      7. How long will my oysters take to arrive? Your oysters should arrive on the day of your delivery date, however, deliveries may take up to 48 hours. Our oysters are packed and shipped in air tight packaging along with ice packs. APC will be delivering your order. 
      8. Who will be delivering my oysters? As a small business, it is logistically impossible for us to deliver nationwide. We use APC as our courier service. When your package is shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number and if there are any issues with delivery, you can contact APC Monday - Friday on 0800 37 37 37.
      9. My order has not arrived, what do I do? When your oysters are shipped, we will provide you with a tracking number for your order and a phone number for APC. Please check this on the day of your delivery and phone them if there are any problems. As a small business, it is impossible for us to manage the logistics. You must track your own order or call the courier company with the phone number provided.
      10. Can I collect oysters? We have a new collection point on Mersea Island if you're local and, of course, Borough Market. Our collection point on Mersea Island is from Tuesday-Friday and you can choose a time slot between 10am-2pm. You can collect oysters from Borough Market 7 days a week. Throughout the year opening times may change, but you can check the current opening hours here.
      11. Where are the oysters from? We farm our oysters on Mersea Island in Essex. We sell rock (gigas) oysters all year round and native oysters from September to April. For more information about our family business, click here
      12. How should I store my oysters? Our oysters are always shipped in air tight packaging and are packed with ice packs. Oysters and clams should be stored somewhere cool, preferably in a fridge and we recommend not opening the box until you are ready to consume them. Once shucked, our oysters should be eaten within 60 minutes.
      13. Can I book a table at Borough Market? We do not take bookings at Borough Market. Tables can be used on a ‘first come, first served basis’.
      14. Getting in touch. Although we endeavour to respond to all customers quickly, sometimes, it may take slightly longer. Someone will be available to respond Monday-Friday 8.00 - 18.00 via email and Facebook Messenger. Outside of these days and hours, someone will respond on the next available day. Again, as a small business, it is not viable to have someone responding to enquires 24/7. All the information you need to place an order is available on the website and social media pages. We update them regularly and keep you as informed as possible.
      15. Is there a cut off time for next day delivery?  Yes, the cut off time is 10.00am. 
      16. Can I pay by card at Borough Market? Yes, we accept card and cash payments. 
      17.  How much is shipping? Shipping costs £7.50 and we have a minimum order of £12.00. You can collect our oysters for free from Borough Market and Mersea Island.