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Farmers or Fishermen?

by Joe Haward

Spoiler: In many ways we regard ourselves as both farmers and fishermen.


At certain points of the year, time will be spent dredging the ground, trying to catch what we can from it; fishermen. But we will also use that time to clean the ground, ensuring it is ready for new spat, where new oysters will grow; farmers. This process is important for sustainability. Cleaning the ground takes a lot of time and will often yield small amounts of saleable oysters that can be landed each day. Yet it's a vital process for our oyster production. Good ground produces good oysters.


We also move our oysters from place to place. Weather, tide, and conditions, will impact the way an oyster grows. Sometimes, on certain sections of land, the shell will grow fast and 'flarey', whilst the meat lags behind a little, so we move the oysters to where the shell typically grows slower, allowing the meat to fatten and mature. 


Richard Haward's oysters layings on a misty winter morning.


Throughout the cultivating process we keep an eye on all the oysters we grow, using the land well to make sure our oysters are the best they can be. The nutrients that come off the marshes help develop a beautiful oyster, full of flavour, and unique to where they grow. A bit like the grape of a wine, our oysters reflect the environment they are nurtured in. This is when we are farmers.


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