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Our Oyster's Journey from Sea to Plate

We own 14 acres of oyster beds where we grow and cultivate our award winning Mersea oysters. It is not simply about catching oysters, but working the land, and moving the oysters, to ensure sustainability and the very best product.

Richard Haward's Mersea Oyster laying

Our Mersea rock oysters grow wild, the only ones to do so in the UK. Early in the morning we go out and dredge our rock and, when in season, native oysters from the seabed, picking the best to land later that day.

Dredging Mersea Oysters

Once landed we wash and sort the catch, cleaning and grading every oyster, getting them ready for purification. After they are graded, we take the oysters to our depuration tanks where they spend 42 hours being purified in the same sea water they grow in, filtered through ultraviolet light, ensuring they are safe to eat and maintain the unique and remarkable flavour our Mersea oysters are famous for.

Mersea oyster catch

The oysters are then packed in our wooden boxes, delivered to homes, restaurants and businesses here in the UK and around the world, eaten and enjoyed by people just like you!

See more pictures of the journey our oysters take by clicking here, or go and visit our online shop here, and order for yourself our award winning Mersea oysters.

Mersea oysters by Richard Haward's Oysters

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